From the first day that Sadie Scott started working at Hugme Dogotel, I knew we had found a gem, her joyous personality and love of dogs shone through, combined with her tireless energy she helped make Hugme the success it was under our ownership.

The guests were always her priority. She has an amazing knack of quickly recognising a health issue and will deal with it promptly. It may be a sign displayed through refusing to eat, a change in behaviour since their last visit or simply how a guest is walking and interacting with other guests. She is competent in correctly administering medication given orally, insulin by injection, taking temperatures anally, obtaining urine samples for testing and following correct procedures in administering eye drops avoiding cross contamination between eyes. Record keeping – daily log and medication charts are always completed.

She is honest, reliable and loyal giving 100% to her canine guests and brought the FUN with her each evening from 6pm until bedtime at 10pm. come sunshine, rain or snow all guests were exercised and toileted before being tucked up for the night in their warm room. She never left a guest who hadn’t settled and always stayed if fireworks were being lit or thunder and lightening was happening.

I can’t think of anyone better suited to continuing the standard of care expected by the future guests and their owners and wish her lots of good luck, although I know her dedication and enthusiasm in running Hugme Dogotel will see it, once again, become the safe, happy, home from home it once was.

Sincerest regards
Jeanne Gay – Former owner HUGME DOGOTEL


Hugme Dogotel
Meadow Cottage
Church Lane
TN26 1LY
Tel: 01233 733420

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